Gaurav Gupta

Trade Development, International Procurement


Gaurav is the founder and current CEO of G-Square Trading, providing services related to industry-specific knowledge, International Procurement, Trade and Trade Consultancy, Project Management, Due Diligence, Technology Transfer and Legal services.

Gaurav works conjunctly with Uno to support and facilitate business between companies from the Latin American Region and India. He assists clients (companies, business associations and governments) in expanding their activities and representing them before the different bodies that regulate and apply international trade laws and other related matters including the various ministries of development, industry and foreign trade, economy, agriculture, and foreign affairs.

Gaurav has completed his studies in London and the USA. His expertise is in business development and cross cultural management. Since 1988 he has been a Partner at Roshin Lal Gupta & Sons which was established in 1972 doing Construction, Material Supply and Interior designing for Government Buildings, Private constructions and Hotels in India.


  • University of Bradford
  • Webster University (1999 – 2000)



  • Washington, DC
  • São Paulo
  • Brasilia